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Maurice Horhut ~ Juke Joint Gentleman

Maurice Horhut started out in a caravan in Weybridge, and life changed forever when his Ukrainian father Ivan arrived home with a piano.

At nine years of age he slowed down 78s and picked out the notes on the piano. This was how he discovered the delights of 1930s pianist Charlie Kunz, and Winifred Attwell playing 'Cross Hands Boogie' and so began his rollercoaster but enduring relationship with the piano.

In an evening of virtuoso pianism, Maurice delights the audience with his demonstrations and deliberation on the immense difficulties of playing the piano and how the great popular pianists have attempted to either conquer or charm the instrument.

With his own particular techniques and stylings, Maurice takes the audience on a piano-packed journey, under the skin and into the styles of boogie woogie, stride, blues and rock and roll, introducing the characters who have helped and hindered him along the way.